MAKE Beauty

I did UX work for MAKE, which is multi-functional makeup and skin care designed for creative self-expression and personal experimentation.


I did the UX, UI, and branding for WeatherBrush, which is an app that helps you style your hair based on the weather. Each time you add a selfie, the app pulls in the current weather. By creating a personalized diary of your best and worst hair days, WeatherBrush prepares you by showing you how your hair looked on days with similar weather.



I did the web app and marketing website UX and UI for PILOT, which is a career improvement company that empowers individuals to take control of their professional success.

Campus Pursuit

I did the UX and UI for Campus Pursuit, which is a college-wide scavenger hunt program that engages college students with brands.

Discover Night

I did the website UX and creative direction for Discover Night, which is a manufacturer of pillows that promote better skin and hair as well as a great night's sleep.


I did the UX and UI for BlipMe, which is an app that allows users to quickly and directly share real-time locations (or blips) with each other! Only those you selected can see your location until the blip expires or you delete it.


I did the UX and UI for Whaxy, which is a medical marijuana startup located in Colorado (surprise, surprise!). Users can review dispensaries, view medicine available, leave ratings, sophisticated reviews and even contribute their own photos.


I did the UX and UI for Purveyour, which is a multi-faceted fashion resource that seeks to redefine your shopping experience by providing the best shops in each city with the unique ability to search by brand and the power to create an itinerary.


ALT For Living

I the the UX, UI and Squarespace build for ALT for Living which is a website for fine rugs, fabrics and furnishings.


I the the UX, UI and Squarespace build for Landstylist, which is a website for curated landscape design.


Industria Superstudio

I the the UX, UI and Squarespace build for Industria Superstudio, which is a photographic complex in New York City.


Koneko Cat Cafe

I the the UX, UI and Squarespace build for Koneko, which is a cat cafe in New York City.