Sean Fournier
Sean Fournier


About Sean


Sean Fournier is an illustrator and singer/songwriter from Connecticut. 


Sean's illustration style consists of anything from animals and monsters to food and household items, mostly wearing athletic socks. Using Instagram as his main platform, Sean built a following by posting his daily doodles. Recently, Sean released 'Cute Doodles', an iMessage sticker pack featuring 60 of his favorite Instagram illustrations. He also released another sticker pack called ‘Unicat Pat’, which features 16 illustrations of a character that is half cat, half unicorn, all awesome! Currently, Sean is working on writing and illustrating his first children’s book.


Sean Fournier is a singer/songwriter whose sound stretches across folk, pop, and rock. He taught himself how to play guitar when he was 17 years old and began to write songs shortly after. Throughout the years, Fournier's style developed into a lyrically-driven love letter filled with his experiences and stories. With catchy melodies and "ain't that the truth" lyrics, Sean hopes the listener can relate to his music and put words to a feeling they previously couldn't put their finger on.He released numerous albums from 2005-2013 including 'Put the World On Stop', 'Paper Tiger', 'Oh My', and 'Brace Yourself'. Currently, Sean is working on writing and recording new music that he plans on releasing as singles.